Our products

Our products prepared

for the 4th Comenius meeting

in Spain, Boiro

[pobierz] 6.7 MB polish-painters

Maciek Kaleta and Sylwester Kopytek prepared

a PowerPoint presentation about the most famous Polish painters

and their masterpieces 

[pobierz] 1.4 MB agnieszka-holland

A PowerPoint presentation about Agnieszka Holland (film director)

by Weronika Kaleta and Weronika Solarz


Our puppet show version

[pobierz] 0.5 MB grzegorz-ciechowski

A PowerPoint presentation

about Grzegorz Ciechowski (singer, music producer) 

made by Krystian Kubowicz

"Yes, yes - it's me" 

Ciechowski's translated song

Krystian made also a LIFE PERFORMANCE

singing Grzegorz Ciechowski's song "Yes, yes - it's me"

[pobierz] 8.5 MB justyna-kowalczyk

Aleksanrda Kowalczyk presented in a PowerPoint presentation

our cross country skier Justyna Kowalczyk. She conducted also an interview with her but at special Justyna's request we don't public this interview on our school webpage. SORRY:)

[pobierz] 0.2 MB ludwik-zamenhof

A PowerPoint presentation about Ludwik Zamenhof (linguist) 

made by Weronika Pietrzak and Kinga Hornik

Our small dictionary of ESPERANTO 

We made also four short dialogues with useful phrases 

in ESPERANTO!!! We found it hard to get our tongue around ESPERANTO but at the same time we had a great fun:)

This is the first dialouge

The second dialogue

The third dialogue

The fourth dialogue

[pobierz] 8.5 MB portraits-of-famous-poles

Polish students painted or drew also ten portraits

of other Polish famous people from various fields of culture.

You can read short biographies about these chosen people

and compare the portraits with the photos.

Emila Skowronek and Alicja Solarz presented Lech Wałęsa (politician).

We made a film about him, which contains some most important facts from his life. Students had really fun by acting the role of people from the 80's and the 90's: